Your Confidentiality – Our Promise

When you call Cohen Cramer Solicitors you can be assured that we will be sympathetic and understanding. Not only that but will give you the practical advice that you need.

Any information you gave us is given in complete confidence. We will not contact anybody or any potential defendants without your express permission.

We understand the trauma and upset you are going through.

When you call there is no need to give us your full name or address until you are ready to do so. We will ask you questions that may be upsetting but we need this information to give you the advice and assistance you need and then, once we have explained all that we can do for you, you can make a decision as to whether you wish to instruct us to act on your behalf.

Although we are based in Leeds we have clients all over the country and most communication is carried out by email and letter. We appreciate that you may not always be able to call during the day and so will provide you with an evening mobile number to call should you need it.

Should you instruct us to act on your behalf and we will arrange for our agent to call upon you with the required paperwork to begin your claim. If you are a woman and would prefer it we can arrange, were possible, for a female agent to make the visit.

We look forward to being of assistance to you.