Re-opening your CICA Claim

Re-opening your CICA Claim. If you have been made an award by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), it is possible to return to them at a later date and seek an additional amount by way of a ‘top-up’ on your original award.

The CICA don’t do this simply as a result of a request for more money, but rather you will need to show:

  • there has been a deterioration of your condition that was not taken into account of in your original award
  • that such deterioration is as a direct result of the initial assault (this can include death following an assault), and the change is serious.

Re-opening your CICA ClaimThis does not allow you to go back simply because you feel that a larger sum should have been paid at the time of the original award; you need medical evidence to support your application. Ideally, you also need to make it within two years of the original award. It is possible to have a matter re-opened after this two-year period but the longer the time period, the more difficult it becomes to succeed.

If you feel you qualify for having your claim re-opened, then you may wish to obtain clear and confidential help and assistance from us to make sure that you stand the best chance of receiving the award you deserve.

Our experience and knowledge can make the difference between an additional award and a rejection.

  • In a recent case, we assisted a victim of sexual abuse to have her claim reopened when the original award of a little over £10,000 was increased to over £125,000.00.
  • We recently helped the victim of an assault who received £3,750 in 2001 to obtain an increased award of over £80,000.00

Get expert advice on re-opening your CICA Claim

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